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Proud Affiliations and/or certified with Bellies to Babies Foundation,   HypnoBirthing Institute,  Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (original certification for doulas and childbirth educators)  now known as To Labor, Canadian Fitness Professionals, Midwife-to-Be Midwifery School (South Carolina) and more.

Bringing a new life into this world is a celebration and will remain one of the most memorable events in your life.  We know birth is unpredictable, but we believe each family has a major role as a part of their own healthcare team.  Families should be able to choose for themselves without judgment or criticism, where, how and with who they will feel the safest giving birth.

Whether you choose natural, waterbirth, with medication or surgical birth,  we are here to assist families in having the most positive experience.  We offer complete childbirth classes , HypnoBirthing and Birth Doula Services, provided by a few educators and birth assistants specializing in specific areas of pregnancy, birth and newborn care.  Parents are provided with information, support and the tools necessary to be completely ready for birth, postpartum recovery and life with a newborn.

Studies show, laboring in an ambient room helps with eliminating fear which in place can speed up the process.

Here at Ambiance Birth, we put these theories to work at every single birth we attend.  The parents who attend our HypnoBirthing classes and other childbirth classes, report having a better experience than possible without the education and preparation they received.

We believe every parent has the right to research their birthing options and make informed decisions with their care provider, as an active participant of their own health care team.  You normally research extensively before buying a car, learning all the safety features, benefits and risks.  You normally hire an inspector before purchasing a house. Why not research your birth, prepare, and make informed choices about what will be the most memorable event in your life?

Although your doctor is probably great, every care provider has different experience and training.  If you sit 8 doctors in one room, and ask them how they would handle one particular situation, you would probably get several different responses.

We understand all the advice you must be getting and how overwhelming it can be.  Which way is the right way?  YOUR WAY is the right way.  Research your options and through education, support and guidance, you can have the birth of your dreams.

Whether you are having a natural, medical, water, or surgical birth, we are here to help.  We offer in depth childbirth education classes independent of the hospitals, working around your schedule with private in home, 1 and two day group crash classes and 5 week group classes.  We offer various techniques and methods to meet your needs including but not limited to HypnoBirthing and Building Blocks for Better Birthing.

We also offer doula services, prenatal fitness, bellydance, henna art and specialty monitrice services, lactation education and more.




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